Why Hire a LearnKey Veteran?

Veterans are equipped with professional skill sets to bring to any business enterprise. Their military experience translates into value for coworkers, teammates, and the companies that hire them. Many veterans have a core foundation of:

  1. Leadership Skills / respect of leadership
  2. Following procedures and protocol
  3. Remaining calm in high-pressure situations
  4. Thriving in a team environment
  5. Loyalty to the company and their mission, and to teammates
  6. Unmatched integrity

In addition to the above, our Veterans that have completed the courses through LearnKey have:

  1. Proven ability to stay disciplined and work from home
  2. Know Your Talent’s Model Behavioral Assessment which optimizes the Veteran’s talents and natural behaviors to give companies an edge in recruiting, hiring, and retaining the Veteran
  3. The opportunity to improve and expand their skills in the civilian sector

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