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Why Certify

Why Certify

Certifications That Matter

In today's tough job market, a BS degree is no guarantee that you will get a job. Industry has increasingly turned to nationally recognized certifications to prove skill competency.

Why do I need to get certified?

A recent survey which was published by Wired Workplace found that 56% of IT professionals who completed a certification saw a salary increase or bonus and 29% received a promotion. Another study by DICE (an online career hub) found that professionals not only found it easier to obtain work once they were certified, but they were frequently offered higher salaries (as much as 16% higher).

What does this mean to you? Nationally recognized certifications convert directly to job opportunities and higher pay.

How do I certify?

Simply call or fill out the information on the Contact information page and we will help you map out a career path that is right for you.

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In-Demand Certifications

LearnKey provides materials from numerous top industry certification vendors, including:

Available Certification Bundles

Available Certification Bundles